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The Joy of Missing out on fast fashion to relax in go-tos longer

The Joy of Missing out on impulse buys to keep your budget stronger

The Joy of Missing out on new trends to mend your own with authenticity

The Joy of Missing out on popularity to relish in simplicity

The Joy of Missing Out on laundry to wear fresh merino another day

The Joy of Missing out on garbage to hear what nature has to say.

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FOMO, or the “fear of missing out”, has ended up everywhere from slang to full-blown studies. It’s the fear of regret, the fear of being left out, the fear of not experiencing enough. In a world where it’s excessively easy to scroll through everyone’s instant-replay highlight, FOMO lurks on the surfaces of just about everything. 

While I’m two thumbs up for experiencing life in big ways like cultural travel deep-dives, I’m also two thumbs up for remembering JOMO – the Joy of Missing Out.

Every moment I don’t spend scrolling social media is a moment I can scroll & stroll my backyard for songbirds while enjoying gökotta. Every choice not to travel across the world and make new friends, can be a choice to travel to the present for deeper conversations with old, close friends. Or to get to know myself better in that rare silence. There is much to be found where absence resides. Every experience I don’t have, is an experience I AM having now

So if you feel like you’re missing out on something right now, take a moment to breath, then look around to see the little joys you may have right in front of you. Because you are missing out on something else, you are where you are. And joy can be found wherever that is. 

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Create More Than You Consume

Students learn better when they create their educational journey more than they consume standards.

Mental health improves when one creates with hobbies more than they consume media.

The environment is healthier when UpCycle (NorthCycle!) projects are created more than fast trends are consumed.

Life is fuller when you create memories more than you consume moments with trivial tasks.

It’s not an either/or thing – it’s a more than thing. Do you create more than you consume?

Create more connections

Create more experiences

Create more peace

Create more.