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How Will I Nourish Today?

Finding the lagom (a Swedish word for “just right”) approach to health & wellness can be difficult. A hyper-focus on health leads to toxic and sometimes dangerous diet, exercise, and appearance cultures. On the other hand, an ignorance of healthy practices clearly also has negative impacts. 

For me, that just-right, lagom solution has been to start a habit of asking two simple questions each morning:

  1. How will I nourish myself today?
  2. How will I nourish future generations?

The answer to the first is often as simple as “I will drink an extra glass of waster” or “I will write in my journal” or “I will walk instead of drive.” 

The answer to the second can be equally simple “I will remind them that they are loved” or “We’ll practice swimming” or “I’ll advocate for sensory/outdoor education experiences” or “I will plant native plants.”

Little by little these once-a-day intentional choices have helped me get to know myself better while also bringing a fuller feeling of wellness in my life. 

How will you nourish today?

Will you drink an extra cup of water?

Will you plant a seed of advocacy for the future?

Will you listen to those “this song gets it” words?

Will you take the time to gökotta with the birds?

Will you paint simply to paint?

Will you renew something yorn, yet quaint?

How will you nourish today?