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Shout Out to the Slackers

Shout out to the slacker – to the artist moving moments more than money.

Shout out to the slacker – to the at-home parent wiping a nose that’s raw & runny.

Shout out to the slacker – to the few-hour sub clocking out the tired teacher.

Shout out to the slacker – to the one sitting by when no one else could reach her.

Shout out to the volunteers, the care-givers, the retirees. To the front-porch rockers, the emergency contacts, and the gardener in the trees.

Society needs you, yes society needs the slackers.

Without slack in the systems, small bumps create huge fractures.

A tragedy, a disease, a storm or even a simple miscalculation

Takes society to it’s knees without the slack of slackers in the equation.

Shout out to each of you,

The world needs your flexibility and slack.

This is a finally out-loud thank you

for always having our back.

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  1. Love this!

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