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The Peysu Pals

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The Peysu Pals are a fun bunch of sweater-wearing friends living on Cozy Island in the North Seas. (Peysu is Icelandic for “sweater-wearing”). They each represent a unique Element, Emotion, or Time. They may all be different, but they’re great pals. And they’re excited to help you explore new ideas!

Digital Doodle of Peysu Pals Elements Clan


Peysu Pal Ingrid

Ingrid – Water

Peysu Pal Nora

Nora – Ice

Peysu Pal Tuuli

Tuuli – Wind

Peysu Pal Ada

Ada – Fire

Peysu pal Lucia

Lucia – Void

Peysu Pal Jorden

Jorden – Earth

Digital Doodle of Peysu Pals Emotions Team


Peysu Pal Petra

Petra – Authenticity

Peysu Pal Thora

Thora – Empathy

Peysu Pal Magnus

Magnus – Courage

Peysu Pal Elska

Elska – Love

Peysu Pal Linus

Linus – Connection

Peysu Pal Joy

Ander – Joy

Digital Doodle of Peysu Pal Time Clan


Peysu Pal Dagney

Dagney – Past

Peysu Pal Dora

Dora – Past

Peysu Pal Anna

Anna – Presence

Peysu Pal Presence

Atli – Presence

Peysu Pal Katla

Katla – Future

Peysu Pal Klara

Klara – Future

Shadow drawing of Peysu pal "Skuggi"


Peysu Pal Skuggi

Skuggi – STORM

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