The roots of North Delta are found in just about every medium of art. Each medium seems to bring out a different version of my style. Whatever the art, North Delta keeps in mind: “Create More Than You Consume.”

Patches have become a beautiful medium to explore various textures and styles while creating art that is functional and resourceful. North Delta now combines art with patched-up paintings, mended clothing, and usable patch-art cards.


Paint is a favorite medium for creating layers and textures. North Delta now patches damaged artwork by patching and enhancing or fully re-using discarded canvases. Want your own Patched Art original? Check out the shop. You can also find “NorthCycled” paintings at local shops & events.


Fiber arts go back to those Northern Roots. North Delta now makes patches out of needle felting, embroidery, punch needling, and NorthCycling thrifted fibers. Find these and more at the shop, as well as at local stores and events.


Printmaking is a new-found love. These designs are hand-carved then hand-printed onto NorthCycled fabrics to turn into patches. Find these and more on the shop.


North Delta has discontinued digital art directly apart from using it to design stamps for patches, logos, book illustrations and blog posts. However, we have to give a shout-out to some of the original digital pieces like this “Happy Sheep” drawing that is so much at the foundation North Delta’s style and joy.

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