There are a lot of directions a heart can be pulled. Some of those that are top of mind at North Delta LLC are hands-on education, environmental sustainability, and inclusive social structures.

North Delta rolls those passions together with two tandem projects: NorthCycled & NorthWind


Up-Cycling is when someone recycles by taking an item (often deemed “junk” or “garbage”) and makes a new and refreshed use of it. Here at North Delta, it’s lovingly called “NorthCycling” – giving materials at least one more stop (hopefully more) in “The North” before landfills.

North Delta’s physical products contain aspects of UpCycled (Northcycled) materials. Altered, pre-worn fabric (washed before shipped), scraps from other projects or artists, and many more pieces of “garbage” are used in the art & products. NorthCycling is a small way to try to “Create More Than You Consume.

Thank you for supporting North Delta: especially the scrappy, re-used, rough-cut, pre-enjoyed art. 


Do you have 100% Cotton or 100% Wool clothing that is stained or ripped that even a donation center won’t take? Reach out! North Delta LLC may be able to use it. Do you have a damaged canvas art piece? Reach out! North Delta may be able to NorthCycle it! Do you have art supplies, scrap fabric, extra yarn? Reach out! You can get in touch on Instagram or e-mail me at [email protected]

Find mended “NorthCycled” clothing in the shop!